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Pregnancy Awareness Week 2023

pregnancy awareness week fed is best

a safe pregnancy, for all.

New little loves in this world are what we are all about.
Over the past week, South Africa celebrated Pregnancy Awareness Week.

During this time each year, the Department of Health shines a light on pregnancy and aims to provide pregnant women, their partners and the community with information to ensure a safe pregnancy journey for both mother and baby.

Why is Pregnancy Awareness Week important?

This annually-dedicated week aims to create awareness, educate and provide information about;

  • The importance of early pregnancy testing from as soon as the first missed menstrual cycle to confirm a positive pregnancy. 
  • Teen pregnancies and the impact they have on the mother’s future and socio-economic development of the country while providing supporting information about contraception and how to access information and counseling as an expecting teenage mother.
  • What options are available for pregnant women if the mother decides not to continue with her pregnancy.
  • Considerations, conditions and circumstances for adoption.
  • Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) and effective planning to severely reduce the risk of HIV transmission between mother and baby.
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and the  irreversible damaging effects alcohol consumption can have to the developing fetus.
  • Birth and labour services available to mothers as well as who their birth team should consist of.
  • Post-Natal (After Birth) Health Care which aims to care for the newborn baby to ensure their nutritional and basic needs are being met but also to ensure that all new mothers are recovering and are in optimum health to provide for and look after their babies.

pregnancy awareness week fed is best

Where does Fed is Best fit in?

We aim to assist expectant mothers through;

  • Providing a single platform where all reputable brands are stocked to help moms meet the most basic need for the newborn; nutrition.
  • Keep new moms, their babies and families out of physical retailers while they try to obtain basic necessities such as bottles, teats, pacifiers and breast pumps.
  • Absorbing some of the trauma parents of premature babies go through by getting basic feeding essentials to them as quickly as possible when either themselves or their partners don’t know where to turn for breast pumps, feeding aids or products suitable to fulfill the nutritional needs of little mouths and the tiniest tummies while supporting mom in her earlier-than-expected transition into motherhood.
  • Creating a safe space for new parents to share their pre and post-natal journeys in order to normalise the ups and downs of welcoming a new baby. 
  • Reaching out to our network of medical doctors and support system to advise and obtain guidance for special circumstances.

Fed is Best is proud to be working with a handful of hospitals, antenatal specialists and professionals around the country to realise the above mission.

For us, Pregnancy Awareness Week is the opportunity to remind expecting moms and families that we’re here to support and guide them before and when their new baby is born and that no matter how your newest little family member has to be fed to obtain their nutritional needs, fed is ultimately best.

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