Difrax Soother Natural 6+ M Special Edition


The new Cotton Candy collection from Difrax consists of fresh, cheerful transparent colours.

The Difrax Pacifier Natural 6+ Months has been specially developed for babies from 6 to 12 months. The symmetrical silicone suction part is slightly firmer than the suction part of the Newborn and 0-6 months pacifier. This way it will continue to match your child’s sucking needs and jaws that are getting stronger.

The pacifier offers your baby comfort, peace and relaxation.

• The butterfly shape leaves the nose free

• Extra air supply prevents skin irritation

• Developed with medicine

Perform a daily check on the dummy by pulling firmly at the teat, to ensure that it remains undamaged.


• Dentist approved

• Easy to accept

• Kind to your babies teeth

• Optimal air flow

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